Explore the mystical land of Safrootica where mystical creatures called Tics for short are scattered around. Collect, battle, grow, and trade them as NFT.

Alpha Launch Coming Soon!

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A Unique Free to Play to Own Experience

Safrootics is mobile Free to Play to Own game by AlabStudio where you start in Safrootica, a mysterious land that is full of these mystical creatures called Safrootics (Tics for short) where every Tic feels unique, collect them, battle them against other players, grow them stronger.

Unique Creatures

2,500,000+ unique Tic creatures on launch

F2P2O (Free to Play to Own)

Zero barriers, play freely and own assets


Mobile and PC seamless integration.

Experienced Team

Unique and talented team with years of experience

Magical Ecounters

Fun to play game 1st priority

Community Driven

Community shaping the game direction is our goal

We're AlabStudio

Meet the Core Team


Creative Director


Chief Blockchain Developer


Chief Game Developer

Alpha Launch Coming Soon

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